Versa-Deck Deck Coating Systems
Versa-Deck is available in 3 different systems providing a waterproof deck coating for any type of deck surface and budget. Coat over Magnesite Diato Elastomeric Dexotex All Deck Mercoat Plywood Concrete Patio Roof Deck Stairway Landing Walkway.
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Versa-Deck Plus:

Versa-Deck Plus is the toughest waterproof deck coating available. By incorporating a metal lathe and metal lathe cement with over 8000 psi and adhesion so good it pulls plywood off in adhesion tests you can rest assured that you are getting a deck coating so tough that it is often reffered to as being "Bullet Proof". Protect your investment and peace of mind by using the Versa-Deck Plus system on your next project. Our crews have been installing this system on over 65% of our jobs for the last 10 years.

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Versa-Deck was what started it all. It is the final 3 steps of the Versa-Deck Plus System. We install it over Magnesite, Diato, Concrete or other previously coated deck areas. The Versa-Deck line is completely breathable which will prevent dry rot which is caused by other urethane or slip sheeted deck systems if proper venting is not done.
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Versa-Deck LM:
Versa-Deck LM is a basic budget based all Cementitous System. We install it on new plywood deck areas where cost savings is a major factor. So if your budget is really tight this is the system to go with. And you can upgrade it later to a Versa-Deck Plus type of system by installing Versa-Deck over it.
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